Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Need a 14er Fix!!

Early winter has reached parts of the high country.  Still no snow down here in the foothills of the Front Range, though I have heard rumors of it coming later this week.  With the fourteeners all closed down for me until next summer, I have been beginning to plan my climbs for next year. I think I have 7 that I really want to do, with a bonus 2 if I get the chance.

                Mt Sherman  14,036'
                Mt of the Holy Cross  14,005'
                Mt Yale 14,196'
                Mt Princeton 14,197'
                Mt Eolus 14,083'
                Windom Peak 14,082'
                Sunlight Peak 14,059'

Bonus Peaks
                Mt Elbert 14,433'
                Mt Massive14,421'

I am really looking forward to the Chicago basin trip.  We will probably venture down there in late July while Doug's wife is away climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (he climbed it 3 years ago).  The pictures of the basin are incredible.  And the idea of taking the train in and out adds a little something to the adventure.  I am trying to talk Jon into coming along as well.

Mount Sherman should be a nice warm up for the season.  This is one of two remaining 14ers, that I have climbed before this project started, so I feel as if I need to climb it again.  This time I will be coming in from the west side.  The other re-do is Long's, which I am saving for last.

Mount of the Holy Cross will get me back into the Vail area where I first started teaching 10 years ago.  I have heard that this one is a challenge as it requires going up , over and down Halfmoon pass before climbing once again to Holy Cross.  I am pretty sure that this will be an overnighter as well.

I'll spend the winter working on getting in better shape than last year, and I was happy with the shape I was in last summer.  Work harder in the winter, to make the summer trips easier.  Last winter I did a lifting class, Body Pump, twice a week as well as spinning twice a week too.  This winter I want to add 1 -2 stair climber workout with a weighted backpack.   Probably the 30 pounds I lost helped in making the summer a success as well.  No 30 pounds to lose this winter, but maybe another 10-12 (put a few back on this summer).

Keeping my eye open for a few gear items as well.  A helmet, maybe a new head lamp and I'm always looking for that perfect pack.

Until next summer, have a great winter all.  Get out and play!