Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

Well, we survived the Mayan Apocalypse (I was worried about that one).  2012 was a good year for me.  I was able to meet all of my 14er goals.  Now as 2013 starts I am looking forward to this year’s 14ers.  However this year will produce some new challenges, mainly in terms of logistics.  Having completed all but two of the relatively close 14ers (Long’s Peak (which will be my last 14er) and Pikes Peak) this year’s outings are going to be road trip excursions. I love a good road trip, but finding the time away from home will be tough. My hope is that I can get free for two, 4-day road trips and try to get a couple peaks on each one. Logistically it looks possible.

The key to making this happen and successful will be to make sure that I am in good shape and ready to climb multiple days in a row. Once again my winter training will be a combination of cardio and weights.  My hope this year is that I can turn up the intensity of the cardio sessions.  Earlier this fall I determined that I had been taking it easy during my spin classes for the past year or so.  No wonder my gains have been minimal.  Since that day I have been trying to push myself more during these sessions. Hopefully I will feel the benefit of this come climbing season.

So here is what I have on tap for 2013:
  •  Pikes Peak  - 14,060'
  • Handies Peak - 14,048’
  • Redcloud Peak - 14,034’
  • Sunshine Peak - 14,001’
  • San Luis Peak - 14,014’
  • Uncompahgre Peak - 14,309’
  • Wetterhorn Peak - 14,015’
  • Mt Sneffels - 14,150’

  • Castle Peak - 14,265’

Regardless of whether I get all of these peaks or just one on them, all that will really matter is that I can complete them safely and make it back home to my family safely.  Speaking of family, I am going to try to get my son up his 1st 14er (Mt Bierstadt – I think) this summer.  Even though he is only four I think that if we train, and take it slowly he can do it.  I do not want to be one of those parents you sometimes see on the trail pushing their kid to keep going.  They keep pushing until the child is in tears and hates the outdoors.   I want him to develop his own love of the outdoors.  I see it as my job to introduce him to nature in an enjoyable manner so that he chooses this lifestyle on his own.  My own love of the outdoors comes from the many days and years spent with my grandmother running around the woods that she had roamed as a child. She instilled the love into me, and I want to return the favor to my own son.  As John Muir said “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.”


My wish to you all is a happy and safe 2013 in the mountains.

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